Teenage Art Classes – Enrolment Form

Teenagers Art Classes - Enrolment Form

Lillian Gray Fine Art School offers 2.5-hour art lessons, as an extramural activity for children at 82 Kessel Street, Fairland. Enrolment is per term; payments can be made monthly. Please note there are no enrolment or admin fees charged. Please note this is a monthly subscription. You need to give us 1 month notice to cancel classes. This allows us to advertise and fill your space again. PLEASE ALSO ENSURE THAT YOU READ THE WELCOME LETTER that will be emailed to you.

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Lillian Gray Fine Arts School (hereafter ‘the school’) offers weekly classes and Holiday Workshops for children. Lillian Gray Fine Arts School do not offer any Services on Public Holidays, Government School Holidays and Sundays unless specifically arranged between the school and the Client. The timetable of weekly classes are available online at www.lilliangray.co.za and is subject to change at the sole discretion of the school.

The parent enrols the learner(s) for the classes for a quarter year (term). At least one calendar months written notice (email accepted) of cancellation must be given. Fees will still be due for the notice month. All fees are payable in advance of the performance of the Services. Fees must preferably be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer or by monthly debit order into the bank account indicated on the enrolment form, without any off-set or deduction of any nature. The fee is payable on the 25th of each month. If payment is not received by such date a final reminder will be sent by SMS or email within three days from month end. If payment is not received within seven (7) days from month end, the School will have the right, without prior notice, to refuse to provide any further Services to the Learner(s) until such time that the outstanding fees have been received.

The Client confirms that he/she is aware that the number of classes to be attended in a month/quarter, may vary depending on the number of weeks, Public Holidays and Goverment School Holidays in the particular month/quarter.

All classes are compulsory. Missed classes are not refundable and the school is under no obligation to make any seats available in another class. If an arrangement is made in advance, the school will endeavour to offer a seat in another class, subject to availability and at the sole discretion of the school. Learner(s) must at all times be disciplined and behave properly in class and adhere to all instructions given by the school’s staff. The Learner may be requested to leave a class in the case of improper or disruptive behaviour. The Learner(s) must at all times respect the rights and property of other Learners. The Client is responsible for any damages to property and any harm done to others by the Learner(s) while on the the School’s premises.

The school takes no responsibility for the transportation of Learners. While the safety of all Learners is a priority for our school, it cannot accept responsibility or liability for injuries sustained by the Learner(s) while attending classes. The Client hereby indemnifies Lillian Gray Fine Arts School against any claims of whatever nature in this regard and will continue to keep it indemnified. Whilst we understand that delays are sometimes unavoidable, exceptional circumstances such as repeated lateness or extreme lateness without informing the school’s staff may result in termination of Services. By my signature below I agree and consent to the terms and conditions of Lillian Gray Fine Arts School. I acknowledge and confirm that I have read and understood all the terms and conditions and that these terms and conditions were explained to me to my satisfaction.

Your child will be taught by various teachers as stated on our website.

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