Artist Lillian Gray is immigrating soon

Artist Lillian Gray is immigrating soon

Hello, Beautiful Artists and Parents of brilliant artists and all our other valued customers. 

South African fine artist Lillian Gray will be immigrating with her family to Munich Germany soon. The main reason for the move is that Lillian’s husband Wynand Rabe has landed a job at Google. (Landing any job at Google is tough because they hire the best of the best, and they receive a TON of applicants. INC reported that Google receives 2 million job applications per year, which means it’s more competitive to get into than Harvard University.) So well done Wynand!

Ok back to Lillian.

The move holds exciting new prospects for Lillian Gray’s art career as an international artist. For the last two years, Lillian has been focusing on building her brand overseas with exhibitions in London and New York. Other exhibitions were planned for 2020 but were cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These include Barcelona, Chicago and Florence. Currently, in South Africa, Lillian was selected as part of the Top 50 artists in SA out of 600 nominated candidates. She is part of a travelling exhibition for #allwomxnmatter in SA. Once Lillian lives in Europe, international exhibitions will be much easier to organise. 

Lots of established SA artists have dual citizenship or stay abroad for long periods of time to establish their art career. Nelson Makamo currently lives and works in Berlin and then moves back and forth between Europe and South Africa. Irma Stern also moved between Germany and SA and travelled a lot due to her art career. So we believe this will benefit Lillian’s art career immensely. 

For the rest staying behind, the news is more daunting. It is natural to panic upon hearing about Lillian’s immigration. For a lot of students, she has had a major impact on their lives and developing their creativity. Most students panic that they will no longer have an art school to nurture their artistic passion.  However, it is important to note that as with all things in life there is a positive and negative aspect. 


Teacher Adelle has bought 50% of the art school. As of the 1st of September 2020 Lillian Gray and Adelle Jansen Van Rensburg are equal partners in the Art School. We will be adding more classes as well as more disciplines soon. (It’s super exciting!)


We are branching out with the Lillian Gray brand. what this means is that the school and the brand will become different entities. This will mean changes in our bank details from the end of September 2020. We will keep you updated.


With the split in ownership and Lillian abroad, Adelle Jansen van Rensburg will be the new managing director of the art school. Adelle wishes to focus the school and its lessons on kids ages 4 – 19. Our aim is to become a specialist art school for developing professional artists/creatives. Therefore the school will no longer be teaching adult classes. All adult lessons will be done on Zoom with Lillian as the teacher. More info below. This allows the school to become more focused and add some amazing new mediums for the kids to learn. Lillian’s vision from inception has always been to create a Renaissance school. A school that closely follows the classical principles and ethos embraced during the Renaissance and ultimately delivers teachings and skills from geniuses such as Boticelli, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. Adelle shares this vision with Lillian and now the school can completely focus on that. 

As a first step closer to this vision we will be adding Ceramics, (Fired Clay. Wheel Pottery) and Photography to the school next year. 


Lillian has a few bucket list items she wants to complete before the move. With regards to the business these include: 

    • One last amazing Oil Painting Workshop with Lillian at our lovely studio. Book Here.  
    • A Flash Sale of Lillian Gray artworks so that South Africans can own an original Lillian Gray before the prices switch to Euros. 
    • Two Kickass Paint Nights with a vibey crowd. Book Here 
    • A stunning Virtual Exhibition with the student’s artworks Launches 1 Oct 2020
    • An Art Movie Night with her teenage students 11 Sep 2020 
    • Doing some last SA Painting commissions 
    • Doing Inktober with the teens 

More info on all of the above below. 

FLASH SALE – Lillian Gray Paintings 

Due to these changes Lillian and the team have decided to have a flash sale for only 10 Days in September. This will allow South Africans to own a Lillian Gray painting before she departs. 

Once Lillian has left SA she will be creating paintings in Munich. This would add immense shipping costs to South African clients. Now would be the most opportune moment to own a Lillian Gray Painting!  Included in this sale some of our Lillian Gray Lifestyle Products. 

Hurry, only while stocks last. 


Since Lillian will be moving soon this might be your last chance to commission a painting from her. So book that family portrait, pet portrait or special decor item now.

More info here: To commission a painting Whatsapp Lillian 0638258892 (No calls please) 


When are they moving?

The date is currently unsure. They are hoping to receive their last paperwork at the end of October and then fly out in November 2020. Trying to immigrate during a World Pandemic has been really difficult with lots of uncertainty and date changes. 

How will this impact my child that is currently enrolled?

For the toddlers and tweens, the impact will be minimal. For most of 2020 Teacher Adelle, Teacher Faith and Teacher Patience have been presenting these classes and they will continue to do so. For Teens, the impact will be more severe. Lillian has always been their teacher. For the last two months Teacher Adelle has been in all the classes. She will now slowly start taking over more of the teen lessons. The teens will still, however, see Lillian on Zoom on a weekly basis for their digital art lessons. They will still have access to Lillian via Whatsapp to get feedback on specific artworks.

How will this impact me as an adult student?

Adults attending physical classes at the studio will be greatly impacted. As stated above Adelle will be focusing on children. You are welcome to join Zoom lessons with Lillian.

How will this impact me as an Online Zoom student?

There will be a minimal impact on the students that are currently enrolled for weekly art classes. These will continue with Lillian on Zoom. Banking details for this will change and you will be notified about this shortly.

What to expect from future classes and workshops?

Lillian is busy developing an Online Course and Workshop that will be sold on Simplero. Students will have access to videos, class notes, will have assignments, get graded and be presented with course completion certificates. This will be launched in 2021. These courses will also have a live Q&A session with Lillian on Zoom. 

What to expect from future kids classes and workshops?

All kids classes will be continued with our current Teachers. We also plan on hiring an additional teacher next year.

Will there still be art history lessons?

Art history lessons will be available on the Lillian Gray Youtube channel. . Lillian and Faith have developed an entire content plan for this. You will be notified via Whatsapp and our newsletter as they get released. You can then watch these in the comfort of your own home on your own time. Get the entire family involved with snacks and a pop quiz afterwards.

Will there still be Holiday School?

Yes, Lillian will still be in charge of curriculum development. She will still be the mastermind developing the projects for Holiday School. The history lessons will be presented via pre-recorded videos and the capable Art School Crew will guide the kids with each project.

Will there still be Paint Nights and Art Events?

Yes and yes. The teachers will continue to host and present Art Parties, Kids Parties, Paint Nights, Corporate Team Builds etc. 

Did we forget to address something? 

If you have any other questions not addressed in this post please send a Whatsapp Message to Lillian personally then she can update this post to include all other questions. 063 825 8892 

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