Invitation to the Finals for Young Artist Awards 2018

Invitation to the Finals for Young Artist Awards 2018

We have 6 students that are invited to 6th National Eisteddfod Young Artist Award Competition. 

The National Eisteddfod Academy NPC is calling on the future Ester Mahlangu and Irma Sterns of our country to enter the annual Young Artist Award Competition!

The National Eisteddfod Young Artist Award Competition provides the next level of competition for the young visual artist that has achieved a diploma award in the National Eisteddfod activities of 2017. It also opens a window of opportunity for schools which manage their own internal visual arts competitions, to enter their top achievers for the Young Artist Award Competition.


A panel of adjudicators will adjudicate all art entries according to the school grade of participants. All participants will receive feedback and a certificate to confirm that they have participated in this competition. The adjudicators will select the best artwork in each grade and will then select a winner in each of the following categories: Entry Level (Gr. 0 – 3), Junior (Gr. 4 – 7) & Senior (Grade 8 – Open Section). The names of these winners will be announced on 19 May 2018 at the Roodepoort Theatre.

Our School’s Invitees 

The National Eisteddfod’s Theme for 2016 & 2017 was movement. In our class discussion, we discussed movement, what it looks like, how we depict movement and what is each child’s favourite movement.

Student's Painting Stig

Zander Steyn

Creative Arts Junior (Gr. 4 – 7) –  Drawing Grade 5

Zander did a wonderful Charcoal Drawing of the Top Gear’s Stig with a fast car racing past.

Jayme Geeringh

Creative Arts Junior (Gr. 4 – 7) –  Drawing Grade 7

Jayme, recently started dancing on points at her ballet school. She wanted to draw her ballerina idol and capture her movement.

Student With Painting
Painting owls

Gys Joubert

Creative Arts Entry Level (Gr. 0 – 3) –  Visual Arts Painting Grade 3

Gys captured the movement of a Hawk in mid-flight. He painted using Acrylic as a medium.

Clara Rabé

Visual Arts Painting Grade R

Clara Rabé decided to paint a ballerina to capture the movement Clara loves the most – dance. Clara’s ballerina comes alive on the page. She opted for a limited colour pallet using a grey background so that the beautiful pink ballerina could stand out. She also wanted to set the scene with a starry night sky.

Student's Painting Dancing
Student's Painting Kites

Alexander Wessels

Visual Arts Collage Grade 2

Alexander saw wind as the most powerful instigator of movement. The ways he enjoys the wind most is by flying kites high up in the sky. Alexander chose to do a collage and stick buttons and rope on his work.

Carla Wessels

Visual Arts Collage Grade R

This young little artist decided to follow suit with her brother and work with the wind as inspiration. Carla loves fashion and dressing up, so no wonder she wanted to draw as many clothing items as possible!

Student's Painting Clothes

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