Adelle Jansen van Rensburg

Adelle: Artist, Teacher, Businesswoman

Adelle has embarked on the journey of being co-owner of Lillian Gray’s Fine Art School as of this year. She has been teaching with the school for 3 years and has hosted many paint nights, kids art parties and corporate events. Her passion is art: she is a self taught artist and businesswoman, she is strong and kind and incredible with kids. Adelle has an ardent interest in human development and implements this in her classes through conscious living exercises.

Adelle teaches our tweens, this is where talent becomes form, it is the time in a young artist’s life where they build on their foundations. Every week Adelle develops new skills in the students; whether in drawing, clay, printmaking or painting. Adelle encourages this growth in a step-by-step process making sure that each child is growing where they need to grow and pushing themselves – it is not a competition but an individualised pace for personal growth.

“I see teaching as a way of empowering young creatives and growing their inner artists, this for me is also a way of empowering myself in the bigger vision of my life as an artist: being the best artist that I can be and empowering young creatives to be the best artists that they can be. I believe that every person has their own offerings in creativity and their own way of changing the world through sharing themselves. I see, I feel, and I paint. I believe in art.” – Adelle

To commission an artwork from Adelle, message her on 082 827 9669

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