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This series will explore the use of the 7 elements of art in improving your art

The 7 Elements of Art: Value

Value Scale

Using Value as an element in improving your art This lesson is about one of the 7 elements of art: value. Value is simply the light and the dark of a picture. Values can be better understood when they are visualized as a scale. I like working with a value scale from one to ten […]

The 7 Elements of Art: Line

7 Elements of art line dog Lillian Gray

Using Line effectively as an Element in your Art Today’s lesson is about one of the seven elements of art – Line. A line is simply a mark that is longer than what it is wide, so it’s simple right, every line is just a point A to B, or is it? Paul Klee said […]

An Introduction to the 7 Elements of Art

The Trump Card Today I’m going to share my trump card with you, the ace up my sleeve. How do you make your art stand out? How do you always know what’s wrong with this particular picture? When does it sometimes just look boring and something’s not working? How do you win an art competition? […]