National Eisteddfod Showcase Awards 2023

Triumph and Talent: Lillian Gray Art School Dominates the 11th National Eisteddfod Showcase Awards 2023

In a crescendo of colours and creativity, We emerged as the No. 1 Arts School in the Gauteng Western Region during the 11th National Eisteddfod Showcase Awards. Held at the prestigious Roodepoort Theatre on 23 and 24 October, this annual celebration of artistic prowess showcased the extraordinary talents of budding artists from various schools.

With a staggering 37 of our students receiving awards, we were so proud of everyone! This was a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication from not only them but also of our teachers. We had Item winners, Medal winners, and our students were selected as Ambassadors and reached the Top 10, How amazing is that!

Item Winners

A participant with the highest mark (%) in any given item in a region will receive an Item winner certificate.

  • Charlotte Burley – Fine Arts Printmaking Grade 4
  • Suraya Linah Harley – Fine Arts Painting Grade 4
  • April Zheng – Fine Arts Mixed Media and Sculpture Grade 5
  • Eliana Oliver – Fine Arts Mixed Media Grade 5
  • Emma Belle Van Der Merwe – Fine Arts Mixed Media and Fine Arts Sculpture Grade 5
  • Mia Elizabeth Bell – Fine Arts Drawing, Fine Arts Mixed Media and Fine Arts Sculpture Grade 5
  • Samuel Anthony Cooke – Fine Arts Sculpture Grade 5
  • Zack Cooper – Fine Arts Mixed Media Grade 5
  • Gabriella Cromer-Wilson – Fine Arts Painting and Fine Arts Sculpture Grade 6 x3
  • Helena Maria Le Grand – Fine Arts Sculpture Grade 6
  • Jeanette Klopper – Fine Arts Sculpture Grade 6
  • Lucy Bella Downie – Fine Arts Painting Grade 6
  • Anabella Gorgiev – Fine Arts Sculpture, Fine Arts Printmaking Grade 7
  • Boitumelo Iris Moholisa – Fine Arts Sculpture and Fine Arts Printmaking Grade 7
  • Claire Jooste – Fine Arts Sculpture and Fine Arts Printmaking Grade 7
  • Hade-Mari Van Graan – Fine Arts Sculpture x2 and Fine Arts Printmaking Grade 7
  • Katriana Orrock – Fine Arts Sculpture Grade 7
  • Lische Potgieter – Fine Arts Mixed Media Grade 7
  • Mia Thandeka Swinnen – Fine Arts Mixed Media Grade 7
  • Roxanne Nortje – Fine Arts Printmaking Grade 7
  • Sizwe Bomela – Fine Arts Printmaking Grade 8
  • Isabel Strauss – Fine Arts Sculpture Grade 9
  • Laila Little – Fine Arts Drawing Grade 11

Medal Winners

The Medal Awards, a symbol of unparalleled achievement, found their way into the hands of gifted individuals. A participant with the highest mark (%) in any given category in a region will receive a Medal and Category winner certificate.

  • Anjanet Kruger – Category Winner Painting and Drawing
  • Anneke Alberts – Category Winner Painting
  • Carla Lynn Du Toit – Category Winner Drawing
  • Charlotte Burley – Category Winner Sculpture
  • Clarika Van Der Walt – Category Winner Photography
  • Ebrahim Ben – Category Winner Printmaking
  • Emma Lok – Category Winner Painting
  • Erin Rosewarne – Category Winner Painting and Drawing
  • Gabriella Cromer-Wilson – Category Winner Drawing
  • Hade-Mari Van Graan – Category Winner Drawing
  • Ilana Van Den Berg – Category Winner Drawing
  • Isabel Strauss – Category Winner Printmaking
  • Isabella Manavalan – Category Winner Painting
  • Isabella Peall – Category Winner Painting
  • Kelello Bellin – Category Winner Printmaking
  • Laila Little – Category Winner Printmaking and Sculpture
  • Lillian Crawford – Category Winner Drawing
  • Mia Elizabeth Bell – Category Winner Painting
  • Munei Ramovha – Category Winner Collage
  • Phiané Oosthuizen – Category Winner Drawing
  • Suraya Linah Harley – Category Winner Collage

Ambassador Awards

This is awarded to an individual in the annual Eisteddfod based on the highest marks obtained in any given item. This award can be distinguished by the exclusive use of a special Ambassador Award seal. For the purpose of this award, all the results in all regions are considered. The number of NEA Ambassador Awards may differ from year to year, but will be awarded to a maximum of 3% of the total number of individual participants and groups in the given year.

  • Anjanet Kruger – Drawing and Two time winner for Painting Grade 7
  • Anneke Alberts – Painting Grade 9
  • Carla Lynn Du Toit – Drawing Grade 6
  • Ebrahim Ben – Printmaking Grade 9
  • Emma Lok – Painting Grade 9
  • Erin Rosewarne – Drawing and Painting Grade 9
  • Gabriella Cromer-Wilson – Drawing Grade 6
  • Hade-Mari Van Graan – Drawing Grade 7
  • Ilana Van Den Berg – Painting Grade 8
  • Isabel Strauss – Printmaking Grade 9
  • Isabella Manavalan – Painting Grade 10
  • Isabella Peall – Painting Grade 8
  • Kelello Bellin – Printmaking Grade 5
  • Laila Little – Sculpture and Printmaking Grade 11
  • Lillian Crawford – Drawing Grade 6
  • Meagan Coertzen – Painting Grade 5
  • Mia Elizabeth Bell – Painting Grade 5
  • Phiané Oosthuizen – Two times winner for Drawing Grade 7
  • Suraya Linah Harley – Two times winner for Painting Grade 4

Top 10 Junior and Senior Prestige Awards:

The top 10 participants (Junior and Senior) in each region will be identified and ranked according to their total achievement In all sections. This mark is calculated by allocating a numerical value to each level of achievement as awarded by the adjudicators for every item a candidate has participated in, as well for any subsequent award (e.g. item winner, category winner, etc.) according to the following scale: Certificate (1 mark), Silver (5 marks), Gold (10 marks), Diploma (30 marks), Item winner (10 marks), Category winner (30 marks) and Ambassador Award (90 marks).

  • Anjanet Kruger – Top 10 Junior Achievers – First Position
  • Hade-Mari Van Graan – Top 10 Junior Achievers – Third Position
  • Gabriella Cromer-Wilson – Top 10 Junior Achievers – Seventh Position
  • Phiané Oosthuizen – Top 10 Junior Achievers – Ninth Position
  • Suraya Linah Harley – Top 10 Junior Achievers – Tenth Position
  • Laila Little – Top 10 Senior Achievers – Seventh Position

Glimpses of Success: Our Students Shine with their Eisteddfod Achievements

We are the no 1 Art School in the Gauteng Western region!!!

Wow! The honour of being recognized as the No. 1 Art School in the Gauteng Western Region is not just a title; it’s a tribute to our students’ passion, our teachers’ dedication, and the unwavering support from our parents.

We’re dedicated to nurturing creativity, cultivating talent, and shaping the artists of tomorrow. This honour motivates us to aim higher, explore new horizons, and ignite the passion of budding artists looking to leave their artistic imprint on the world.

Shades of Brilliance: Our Students Steal the Show

Our students didn’t just stand out; they owned the spotlight. Each student, proudly donned the vibrant turquoise Lillian Gray Art School t-shirt. They embodied the values we cherish – passion for art, dedication to excellence, and a commitment to stand out in any crowd.

The impact was immediate – you couldn’t miss them. Their presence was a celebration of the creativity, talent, and their dedication. That night, our message was clear: “We are here, we are proud, and we are making a mark.”

Gratitude and Endless Pride

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our remarkable students who worked so hard throughout the year. Your dedication, creativity, and the way you showcased not just your art but also the spirit of our school left us bursting with pride.

Thank you to our teachers Adelle, Patience, Jaylin and Jemma. Day in and day out, our teachers go above and beyond, providing guidance, support, and inspiration. They’re not just educators; they are mentors, guiding our students on their artistic journey with patience, passion, and expertise.

Our admin assistant Grizelda was a powerhouse managing entries, communications, and the intricate details of admin regarding Eisteddfod. Our Crew, Students and Parents are an essential part of making all this possible!

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