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A comprehensive analysis of 5 artworks done by William Kentridge prior to 1994.

An analysis of 5 artworks done by William Kentridge prior to 1994.  In this blog post I will analyze 5 artworks done by artist William Kentridge prior to 1994.  This is the second video in this mini-series on South African artist William Kentridge. Please ensure that you have watched the first video before you watch this […]

Die 7 Elemente van Kuns

Hi, ek is kunstenaar Lillian Gray en vandag gaan ek my troefkaart met julle deel, die toertjie in my  mou oor hoe om jou kuns te laat uitstaan en sodat jy kan weet wat is fout met ‘n spesifieke prentjie as dit dalk soms net vervelig lyk, en iets werk net nie. Hoe wen jy […]

7 Elemente van Kuns: Ruimte

7 elemente van kuns

Ruimte is een van die 7 elemente van kuns, tesame met lyn, toon, tekstuur, kleur, 2-dimensionele vorm en 3-dimensionele vorm. Wat is ruimte? Ruimte is die plek waar ‘n kunswerk uitgestal is, die fisiese spasie wat dit opneem. Dit is altyd deel van ‘n kunswerk. Soms, op verskeie maniere.  As mense in ‘n kunswerk na […]

Shepard Fairey: Who is the amazing and influential street artist ? 5 Artworks you should know about

Cartoon of Street Artist Shepard Fairey

Introduction  Shepard Fairey is an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, illustrator, and founder of OBEY Clothing who emerged from the skateboarding scene. He is one of the best known and most influential street artists ever.  He first became known for “Andre the Giant has a posse” stickers which later became Obey. He catapulted […]

Who is revolutionary artist Ai Weiwei? And a discussion of 11 of his most prolific artworks

Chinese Contemporary artist and activist as a cartoon

What are the most important artworks by Ai Weiwei you should know? Introduction  Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist. He has been called the most dangerous artist in the world. He has been arrested and detained for 81 days, his art studio has been demolished, not once but twice! He has been […]

7 Elemente van Kuns: Kleur

Hi, Ek is die kunstenaar Lillian Gray en vandag se les gaan oor kleur. Het jy al ooit oorweldig gevoel met kleur? Het jy al ooit oorweldig gevoel met kleur?  Meng jy altyd modderige, vuil kleure en voel jy oor die algemeen verlore?  Wonder jy ooit hoe sommige kunstenaars sommer net kleur verstaan?  Hulle kom […]

Who was the amazing South African Artist Willie Bester? 5 Willie Bester artworks your need to know.

Artist Willie Bester as a cartoon figure created by Lillian Gray

Hi, I am artist Lillian Gray and I have someone you need to meet, South African artist Willie Bester.  Willie Bester is a multi-disciplinary South African artist.  He is best known for his sculptures, installations,  mixed media and collage artworks,  but he also practices oil painting and watercolours.  He uses his art to comment on social and […]

Who is artist Yayoi Kusama? Have a look at her breathtaking artworks.

Contemporary Art History Hi I’m artist Lillian Gray and I have someone you need to meet Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Yayoi Kusama is absolutely dotty about dots, she is sometimes called the princess of polka dots. She makes all kinds of art such as sculptures, paintings, installation, clothing design and even performances and they are all covered […]