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1 Amazing Art Activity for Fine Motor Skills Development

Art activities for fine motor skills development

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscles and movements in the hands, wrists, and fingers with their eyes. These movements which we may use to unlock a door or zipping up our jacket or doing up buttons on your shirt. These skills develop from childhood and there are ways to use art and […]

Art and its Importance in Occupational Development

Occupational Development

Art has many important functions in the lives of us all. Particularly with children art can be used as therapy – both emotional and occupational. Children develope different fine motor skills which are age and progress specific, and art can help you as the parent or teacher to gauge where a child’s development is in […]

Art project: Paul Klee

Oil Pastels on a blackboard History Lesson: Paul Klee (1879 – 1940) was a German artist. He and his colleague, Russian painter Wassily Bauhaus school of art, design and architecture. His works reflect his dry humor and his sometimes childlike perspective, his personal moods and beliefs, and his musicality. For this project You will need: Inspiration […]

Art project: Keith Haring

Art Project Keith Haring Acrylic Paint on Canvas History Lesson: Keith Haring (1958 – 1990) was an American artist whose pop art and graffiti-like work grew out of the New York City street culture of the 1980s. Haring’s work grew to iconic popularity from his exuberant spontaneous drawings in New York City You will need: A3 […]

Art Project: Charlotte Gastaut

Charlotte Gastaut Oil Pastel Illustration History Lesson: Charlotte Gastaut is a French illustration artist. She has contributed to numerous women’s magazines and has written and illustrated many books for children. She creates beautiful dreamscapes with stylized characters and designs. You will need: A2 White paper Pencil Oil Pastels Acrylic Paint Process:  Look at Gastaut’s work. She […]