Our Studio’s COVID-19 Protocols

Our COVID-19 Protocols We need to stay vigilant at all times and keep on implementing our PPE and COVID-19 Protocol. Our children continue to do well with the sanitisation and masks/shields and we are very grateful that thus far all of our children and staff remain healthy. COVID-19 Policy & Procedure These measures are to be […]

We are hiring – Looking for an art teacher for age group 6 – 8

We are looking for a skilled art teacher for our young little artist’s ages 6 – 8. Location: Lillian Gray Art School 82 Kessel Street Fairland, Johannesburg Hours: Mon: 9:00 – 17:00  Tues – Fridays: 14:00 – 17:00 Salary: TBD. You should apply if:  You believe in our Why’s (See below) You are punctual You […]

Gerard Sekoto

Gerard Sekoto

South African Art History – Gerard Sekoto 9 December 1913 – 20 March 1993 The Life and Art of Gerard Sekoto Gerard Sekoto was a South African artist and a musician. He is recognised as the pioneer of urban black art and social realism. His work has been exhibited in Paris, Stockholm, Venice, Washington, and […]

Art and its Importance in Occupational Development

Occupational Development

Art has many important functions in the lives of us all. Particularly with children art can be used as therapy – both emotional and occupational. Children develop different fine motor skills which are age and progress specific, and art can help you as the parent or teacher to gauge where a child’s development is in […]

Famous Paintings You Should Know: 10 The Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Michaelangelo 1508-1512 Vatican The Sistine Chapel. Now when I was 18 I visited the Sistine Chapel and it was an amazing experience and when I went outside there were two Australian girls and they walked up to me and with a strong accent asked ‘what makes this painting so special?’. Now, everything inside the Catholic […]