10 Reasons why do you need a visual diary.

An effective Brain Dump – structured thoughts – funnel effect, math problem, showing how you got to your solution.  Develop original ideas that are uniquely you – Beautiful accidents, juxtapose, left brain vs right brain – skills and ideas developed over time, proving you are the artist behind the work  Allows others to guide, collaborate […]

What is a visual diary?

A tool, a process to develop and create your Artist Voice and Style  Idea Creation  Who are you?  What is truly you?  Your Voice, your development as an artist.  Your artists mind  Sometimes called a Visual Journal, Visual Portfolio As artist we have various ways of storing and presenting art   Sketchbook Archive Portfolio  Visual Diary […]

How to use air-dry clay and create an authentic African Mask with 4 bonus tricks

Hi, I’m Lillian Gray, South African fine artist, and today we are going to be covering the basics of working with air-dry clay. In this video we will be covering: How to wedge your air-dry clay How to roll a proper slab How to join different section What is slip? How to finish off a […]

Painting Gregory, our beautiful contemporary giraffe in 6 steps.

paint, acrylic paint, giraffe, air-dry clay

Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and for today’s lesson, we are finishing off beautiful Gregory the giraffe that we created in a previous video. For today’s lesson, you will need: Fine sandpaper Various colours of acrylic paint Different size brushes Paper towel and a water jar Clear spray paint Step 1: We need to lightly […]

10 Steps to an unique Kentridge-inspired charcoal landscape

Intro   Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and in today’s lesson, I am going to teach you various tips and tricks, and some advanced skills on how to use charcoal. At the end of the lesson, I will be showing you how to do a beautiful charcoal landscape, inspired by the famous South African artist William Kentridge. Charcoal as […]

Draw an oil pastels landscape inspired by Impressionism with 6 oil pastel techniques

Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and I’m super excited about today’s lesson.I’m going to teach you some awesome tips and tricks on how to use oil pastels. We’ll be making a landscape honouring the Impressionists. There’s a free oil pastel printout on our blog for you to practice the various tips and tricks in this lesson. […]

Yayoi Kusama-inspired flower collage in 5 steps with Lillian Gray, including free downloads

Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and I’m really excited about today’s art lesson. We are going to go and look for inspiration from the queen of polka dots, Yayoi Kusama. We will be creating a mixed media, flower-collage. For today’s lesson you will need the following: Paper in various colours A3 black card Acrylic paint […]

William Kentridge inspired bird painting in 6 steps

William Kentridge

Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and today’s lesson is inspired by a famous South African artist called William Kentridge. William Kentridge’s style William Kentridge is well known for his charcoal drawings but he also works in Indian ink. Today I am going to mimic the Indian ink look by using black acrylic paint as well as some […]

Finishing Amy, the adorable armadillo in just 6 steps

Armadillo sculpture

Hi everybody, I’m artist Lillian Gray and today we are adding colour to cute little Amy, the armadillo that we created in a previous video. Enjoy! For today’s lesson, you will be needing the following: sandpaper acrylic paint various size brushes water and paper towel clear spraypaint Step 1: Sand down your sculpture This creates a […]

Finishing Rory, the adorable red panda in 5 quick steps

Red panda sculpture

Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and today we’re finishing our beautiful red panda, Rory. For today’s lesson, you will need: black spray paint acrylic paints various size brushes water and paper towel clear spray paint Step 1: Applying base colour Step one is going to be giving your sculpture a base colour. We are going […]