Teenage Art Classes

Teenange art classes – teaching the fundamentals of Art and Art History in a fun way



82 Kessel Street,





Tues: 16:30 – 18:30


Enrolment is per term; payments made monthly.

R990 per month


Acrylics | Soft Pastels | Oil Pastels | Drawing | Charcoal | Clay | Scraper Board


  • Cooldrink
  • Class Notes
  • In class materials & tools (Clay Tools, Easels, Brushes, Acrylic Paint)


Most art materials are included.

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Guiding a young artist

Sadly the school art curriculum is not what it use to be. We are now stuck with hybrid subjects where one period needs to include, music, dance and art. This doesn’t leave enough airtime for any of these subjects. Teenagers tend to get stuck and leave High School with a diluted art education. Maybe the school that your child attends does not even offer art as a full-time subject! Other schools, might expect your child to keep up with their rigorous art curriculum and your child is simply lost on where to start a sculpture or why they are failing drawing.

At Lillian Gray Art School, we meet your child where they are at. Whether if they are an absolute creative genius or just trying to make a deadline.

We take great pleasure in seeing our students realise their creative potential and grow as artists. For prospective art students, we offer assistance in completing a portfolio, especially if you want to further your studies at an institute in Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Our founder Lillian Gray use to work as a Graphic Designer, Animator and Illustrator for more than 10 years. She will be able to prepare your child for an art career. 

It’s hard work get selected to join Red & Yellow, Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography, or Vega. Let us guide you and refine your portfolio to up your chances considerably.

Home Schoolers

We also cater for Home Schoolers. Please join us in our morning sessions.

Teaching art appreciation and Art History

We have an absolute passion for art history and art appreciation! That being said, we don’t do boring. Lillian Gray is known as a visual storyteller.  She engages her audience with cartoons, (drawing as she explains) and various multimedia such as videos, and images. Her engaging art history classes will make you remember what you need to know to Ace your Art History tests.

We believe that we do not study history to understand the past. We study history to predict the future, to gain an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and to learn from the key messages to transform our current world.


How do I sign up my child? 

  • Book Online or send us an email to [email protected]
  • Select an appropriate time slot for your child
  • Sign the indemnity form
  • Make payment
  • Drop them off for their first class

What do we need for our first lesson?

  • 30 Pocket Flip File for Class notes.
  • Relevant Supplies, depending on the medium they choose to work in.

What is the structure of the teenage art classes

We believe each individual is at their own artistic level. What makes our classes unique is that each child is allowed to progress through the curriculum at their own speed. We do not do one activity for all students in a class. This also allows the children to explore different mediums to their own liking. If your child has a keen interest in clay, they can venture into statues or ceramics, if your child has a keen interest in painting, they could progress to oil painting.

Teenager’s Art Gallery