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1 Oct – 30 Nov 2020

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1 Oct 2020 – 5 DECEMBER 2020

2020 will definitely go down in history as a year filled with challenges. However, it is also a year that has forced us to change our ways. It has forced us all to grow digitally and to adapt to a world of virtual learning. It’s amazing to see how skilled 7 year olds have become at handling conference calls and scheduling their Google Calendars. I definitely did not possess those skills at that age. 

In short, 2020 has forced us all to stretch our minds and grow into our unimaginable capabilities. Naturally, such a year hasn’t allowed us to have a standard art exhibition. Our usual exhibition norms have changed: the big venue, band, dancers,  exhibition stands filled with art and visitors discussing pieces while enjoying refreshments, is not possible.  As an art school we could have just surrendered to the challenges that 2020 kept on dishing up, simply shrugged and murmured “Oh well, I guess we just won’t have an art exhibition this year.” That would have been easy. However, our students’ absolute dedication, focus and resilience has been nothing short of remarkable, especially during our country’s hard lockdown and later lower levels of lockdown: we simply couldn’t let them down. Our team sat down and brainstormed ideas on how to showcase our students’ work and to use this online platform to teach them the business of art, but most of all to give them a platform on which to shine.

The Lillian Gray Art School team is proud to announce our first Virtual Art Exhibition ever! Let’s celebrate our young creative minds! 

We trust that this new way of exhibiting will have a far greater impact and reach as we are no longer limited by an exhibition’s physical location.

xxx Love

Lillian Gray

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