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Is It OK to Draw and Paint From Photos?

The world of art has its fair share of controversies that extend beyond the realm of subject matter. Artists typically have their own opinions on the process, ideas, and materials and many of them are extremely passionate about their beliefs. Some people believe that certain colours should be used in a palette and others excluded. […]

Cultivate corporate innovation and creativity one paintbrush at a time.

corporate innovation

Successful corporations have one thing in common: They know that creativity feeds innovation, and innovation means that your company will stand the test of time. Fostering creativity in the workplace also keeps your employees happy and attracts more talented individuals. It is really important to cultivate corporate innovation through creativity. However, how does one introduce […]

The importance of a sketchbook

A sketchbook is a personal record of the artist’s ideas – a personal record – a journal of the artist’s progress and development. My sketchbook is a witness of what I am experiencing, scribbling things whenever they happen. — Vincent van Gogh The sketch hunter moves through life as he finds it, not passing negligently the things […]