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Who was the amazing South African Artist Willie Bester? 5 Willie Bester artworks your need to know.

Artist Willie Bester as a cartoon figure created by Lillian Gray

Hi, I am artist Lillian Gray and I have someone you need to meet, South African artist Willie Bester.  Willie Bester is a multi-disciplinary South African artist.  He is best known for his sculptures, installations,  mixed media and collage artworks,  but he also practices oil painting and watercolours.  He uses his art to comment on social and […]

Who is artist Yayoi Kusama?

Contemporary Art History Hi I’m artist Lillian Gray and I have someone you need to meet Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Yayoi Kusama is absolutely dotty about dots, she is sometimes called the princess of polka dots. She makes all kinds of art such as sculptures, paintings, installation, clothing design and even performances and they are all covered […]