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Lillian Gray, Contemporary Artist, Globally Recognized for Her Universal Appeal

Lillian Gray was invited to exhibit at the Parallax Art Fair Contemporary Artist, Lillian Gray, has just returned from London, where she was invited as the only South African artist to exhibit her work alongside artists from all over the globe at the Parallax Art Fair. Held in Chelsea over the weekend, her participation is somewhat poignant […]

Lillian Gray and her incredible story to become an illustrator: How hard can it be?

The story of Lillian Gray: My father always said that if I wrote a book about my life, no one would believe me. So you might be tempted to file this under fiction, even though this is just a little blurb in the life of Lillian, but I can promise you it’s all true, cross […]

Resourceful artist Lillian Gray’s achievement: Painting the judges for a TV show called One Day Leader

South African artist Lillian Gray was asked to paint live in front of the camera two judges for Season 7 of One Day Leader. Ndumiso Hadebe and Gugulethu Mhlungu. Lillian Gray paints at One day leader? One day leader is a Television series in which six young people showcase their leadership skills by tackling modern-day […]