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5 Reasons for Choosing Visual Art as a School Subject: Rise above the mediocre with expert advise from Artist Lillian Gray.

art is having something to say and having the means to say it

Why choose Visual Art as a subject?  Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.  Visual Art is having something to say and having the means to say it. It is about being able to reason about the state of the world and commenting on it as well as about the craftsmanship and skill […]

1 Amazing Art Activity for Fine Motor Skills Development

Art activities for fine motor skills development

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscles and movements in the hands, wrists, and fingers with their eyes. These movements which we may use to unlock a door or zipping up our jacket or doing up buttons on your shirt. These skills develop from childhood and there are ways to use art and […]

Art and its Importance in Occupational Development

Occupational Development

Art has many important functions in the lives of us all. Particularly with children art can be used as therapy – both emotional and occupational. Children develope different fine motor skills which are age and progress specific, and art can help you as the parent or teacher to gauge where a child’s development is in […]