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National Eisteddfod of SA Creative Work Prospectus 2019

At our school, we take the National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) of South Africa competition quite seriously. We believe that this is a great way for children to stay focused on one project, finish it well and work towards an ultimate goal. The NEA also played a pivotal role in our founder Lillian Gray’s art journey and career. Read […]

Why do the National Eisteddfod Academy Visual Arts Competition?

At our school, we love entering the kids into the National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) of South Africa competition. We believe it teaches them vital skills not only for art but skills that are essential to succeed in life. We will get into those skills shortly, but another reason for us being passionate about the NEA Visual Arts Competition […]

Selling and Marketing: The right, undeniable Mindset:

How to Sell Your Product or Service: Acquiring the Sales Mindset Selling and marketing, how did I merge is with my love of Art: I love Business & Art! Weird combo, I know right? I was raised with an Entrepreneurial mindset by both parents and born with a passion for creating.  I started life with these conflicting interests […]