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Challenge yourself to make a Lino print, and the 6 items you will need.

Hi, I’m South African fine artist, Lillian Gray. Today I’m going to show you the basics of printmaking. We will be doing linocut. Supplies that you will need Lino sheet Lino tools Spoons Breyer/Roller White pencil Lino ink You’re going to need is a sheet of lino. This is called lino block or linocut. There […]

A comprehensive analysis of 5 artworks done by William Kentridge prior to 1994.

An analysis of 5 artworks done by William Kentridge prior to 1994.  In this blog post I will analyze 5 artworks done by artist William Kentridge prior to 1994.  This is the second video in this mini-series on South African artist William Kentridge. Please ensure that you have watched the first video before you watch this […]

Let’s complete your cute pig sculpture with only 4 colours

Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and this is my awesome creative cat called Peanut! Today we are going to be finishing our pig sculpture. Smoothing out your pig sculpture So, this little piggy is dry now and ready to get finished off. I’m going to sand all the little rough areas off and just get it […]

Make an extremely cute pig sculpture with air-dry clay in 10 steps

Preparing the air-dry clay for your pig sculpture Hi, I’m Lillian Gray and today’s lesson is about making a pig with air-dry clay. Before you watch this lesson please make sure you’ve watched my other lesson on the basics of working with air-dry clay, so you guys know how to wedge clay, how to cut […]

Fake the beaming oxide look on air-dry clay: 1 easy method

Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and today’s lesson is all about how to polish air-dry clay. What do I need to create the oxide look Sandpaper Shoe polish Old brush Toothbrush Rags How do I fake the oxide look on air-dry clay? Once your air-dry clay is completely dry, it’s ready to get a finish. There […]