Cultivate corporate innovation one paint brush at a time.

Successful corporations have one thing in common: They know that creativity feeds innovation, and innovation means that your company will stand the test of time. Fostering creativity in the workplace also keeps your employees happy and attract more talented individuals.

However, how does one introduce a culture of creativity if more than 75% of people believe that they are not creative, according to a global study by Adobe Data  and that they are under pressure to be productive instead?

Lillian Gray, South African fine artist and art teacher, is of the opinion that it all starts with a change in mindset. “I believe that we are all creative in our own unique way. It is vital that we start telling ourselves a different story: We must let go of old, outdated belief systems and tell a new tale. Once you start affirming your new story, you will start living it.”

“Secondly, we need to encourage and reward creativity in the workplace. It is finally time for the dreamers to come out of their shell and share their imaginative thoughts with their colleagues, managers and company leaders.”

“When your staff is inspired instead of bored, productivity will flow naturally.”

According to Lillian, there are several ways to cultivate creativity in the workplace to make sure that your company stay at the top of the innovation ladder. “However, the modern trend of colourful environments and bean bags are not going to do the trick. We need to instil a creative mindset.”  

A creative mindset means that you live in such a way that allows you to think, feel and act with personal freedom, purpose and value. This way of living brings joy and authenticity.

Lillian has a few tips on how to develop a creative mindset in the workplace:

  1. Create for pleasure. Create something new, unique and inspirational just for the sake of it. Don’t worry about the outcome or for what purpose you are going to use your creation. This will help you get used to the feeling of creating.
  2. Become curious. Always ask questions. Don’t just accept facts blindly, but find out how and why.
  3. Learn from others. Read, watch, listen and appreciate what others have created.
  4. Be spontaneous. You don’t need a long, internal debate about every decision you make. Act on your intuition every so often.
  5. Paint yourself creative. Putting paint to canvas is an effective way to foster creative thinking. When we paint, we forget about ourselves, our preconceived ideas, and our judgement of ourselves and others. Let your employees do art such as Lilian Gray Paint Nights.

Lillian concludes, “Creativity is our natural state and we need to foster it – not only for the sake of the longevity of our companies but also for the overall health and well-being of our employees.”

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