Lillian Gray Art School: SACOPA 2022 Awards

South African Championships of the Visual Arts 2022 results

The annual SACOPA awards took place on 2 April 2022 at the OR Tambo Premier Hotel. Our school was well represented in the various categories and brought home lots of gold, silver, and bronze certificates of honor. We had multiple entries in the drawing, painting, design/mixed media, digital art, and sculpture categories. Many of our creators entered multiple artworks for multiple mediums which showcased their versatility and skill.

Our student’s work was on proud display throughout the conference room. It was another memorable moment for us to see how far they’ve come and to allow them to showcase their art to the public eye.

Our participation was a huge success, after weeks of preparation from our staff, students, and parents we managed to enter and display 88 artworks overall. Our youngsters, tweens, and teens entered their work.

We are extremely proud of our student’s hard work and determination throughout the preparation for the competition. They created beautiful pieces and took the courage to submit their entries and showcased their talent on a national level. We are equally proud and thankful for our parents who assisted with the submission process, completed the entry forms, and for their positive responses overall.

It was a joy seeing the conference room full of each contender’s family members and friends as well as many of our little creators. Being able to be there in person and share the universal love for art was amazing. We are thankful for the return of some normality!

All eligible entries were judged in two rounds using the following criteria: Artistic technique, Handling of the medium, Design and creative elements, and Overall impression or impact.

The results were wonderful for our students, with three of our students winning the overall championships for their age group. They received lots of goodies!

  • Lente Potgieter- 2nd place for grade 1-3
  • Munei Ramovha- 3rd place for grade 1-3
  • Hildegard Schraader– 3rd place for grade 4-7

We had more great results, having won 31 gold, 17 silver, and 26 bronze in various categories and the various age groups. They received a National Championship Visual Arts badge to wear on their School Uniform as well as a certificate of honor.

SACOPA Results


  • Boris Estatiev – Acrylic Painting
  • Clara Qualls – Oil Painting
  • Clara Qualls – Oil Painting
  • Clara Qualls – Oil Pastel
  • Christoff Van Graan – Painting
  • Emma Lok – Pencil Drawing
  • Emma Lok – Oil Pastel
  • Emma Lok – Oil Pastel
  • Gabriella Cromer-Wilson – Sculpture
  • Gabriella Cromer-Wilson – Sculpture
  • Hade- Mari Van Graan – Acrylic Painting
  • Hade- Mari Van Graan – Lino
  • Heinrich Voigt – Digital
  • Heinrich Voigt – Oil Painting
  • Hildegard Schraader -Oil Painting
  • Hildegard Schraader- Lino Print
  • Hildegard Schraader – Oil Painting
  • Isabel Strauss – Pen Drawing
  • Isabel Strauss – Oil Painting
  • Isabel Strauss – Lino Print
  • Lente Potgieter – Acrylic Painting
  • Lente Potgieter – Acrylic Painting
  • Lente Potgieter – Sculpture
  • Lente Potgieter – Sculpture
  • Lucy Nell – Sculpture
  • Mia Bell – Acrylic Painting
  • Mia Bell – Sculpture
  • Michaela Worton-Hood
  • Zack Cooper – Sculpture
  • Zack Cooper – Lino Print
  • Zack Cooper – Lino Print


  • Arno Van Graan – Lino Print
  • Arno Van Graan – Pencil Drawing
  • Christoff Van Graan – Linocut Print
  • Emma Belle van der Merwe – Acrylic Painting
  • Emma Belle van der Merwe – Acrylic Painting
  • Gabriella Cromer-Wilson – Acrylic Painting
  • Gabriella Cromer-Wilson – Mixed Media/ Design
  • Hade-Mari Van Graan – Mixed Media/Design
  • Hade-Mari Van Graan -Acrylic Painting
  • Heinrich Voigt – Linocut
  • Hildegard Schraader – Digital
  • Isabel Jansen Van Rensburg – Acrylic Painting
  • Lische Potgieter- Acrylic Painting
  • Mia Bell – Pencil Drawing
  • Munei Ramovha – Acrylic Painting
  • Munei Ramovha – Pencil Drawing
  • Michaela Worton-Hood


  • Arno Van Graan – Acrylic Painting
  • Arno Van Graan – Acrylic Painting
  • Boris Evstatiev – Pencil Drawing
  • Boris Evstatiev – Sculpture
  • Christoff Van Graan – Pencil Drawing
  • Clara Qualls – Ink Drawing
  • Eliska Geldenhuys – Acrylic Painting
  • Eliska Geldenhuys – Mixde Media/Design
  • Eliska Geldenhuys – Acrylic Painting
  • Eliska Geldenhuys – Acrylic Painting
  • Emma Lok- Oil Pastel
  • Emma Belle Van Der Merwe – Acrylic Painting
  • Emma Belle Van Der Merwe – Drawing
  • Eva van Onna – Oil Paint
  • Eva van Onna – Oil Pastel
  • Eva van Onna – Pencil Drawing
  • Isabel Jansen Van Rensburg – Sculpture
  • Justin Beytell – Acrylic Painting
  • Lische Potgieter – Pencil Drawing
  • Lische Potgieter – Sculpture
  • Lucy Nell- Sculpture
  • Mia Bell -Mixed Media/Design
  • Michaela Worton-Hood
  • Munei Ramovha – Sculpture
  • Zack Cooper- Pencil Drawing
  • Zack Cooper -Pencil Drawing

“Practice creates confidence, confidence empowers you.”

We love encouraging our kids to sign up for competitions because it is an opportunity to gain and put their skills into practice and it builds their confidence. It is always a huge leap to put your artistic expression in public for others to engage with, but it’s empowering in the end.

We believe that this is a great way for children to stay focused on one project, finish it, and work towards their ultimate goal.  Our youngsters truly benefit from the experience and their happiness when receiving their awards was worth all the hard work.

It is our goal to enhance our student’s skills and showcase their talent. We are excited to embark on this journey with them and to see the growth of each little creator into the skilled and confident artist they were meant to be.

We allow our students to challenge themselves and move out of their comfort zones in terms of competing in competitions. It is important for us that they think of the competition as more as just winning or losing. We want them to appreciate everything and move on to become a better and stronger artist

One of the keys to success as an artist is to accept failures and to constantly learn from them as well as to motivate themselves to be better. These competitions help to instill these habits.

We are on to the next one, Eisteddfod here we come!

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