Our Annual Student Art Exhibition

annual student exhibition


Hello, budding artists!

As you all know, we are having our student exhibition this year from the 24th – 29th of September 2019. The theme for this exhibition is Movement, and we know that everyone who is taking part is working very hard on their artworks. The venue for this year’s exhibition is Cresta Mall. As one of the largest shopping centres in the country, Cresta has grown into a Johannesburg shopping icon, boasting 250 stores and an immense variety of quality offerings. Exhibiting at Cresta offers you exposure opportunities and a route to a captive market of loyal shoppers. 

Here is the lowdown on everything you need to know… 

Our exhibition will take place in the Barnyard Court (lower level). Setup day will be 23rd September 2019 and be done by the Lillian Gray Art School Crew. If anyone is able to help please join in. ????

Annual Student Exhibition rules (We gotta have ‘em) 

  • All artworks to be delivered to Lillian Gray Art School. (Kids participating artworks will be kept at the studio until the exhibition.)
  • The delivery date for artworks: 2 September 2019 (Monday). No late entries will be accepted. 
  • Artworks can be delivered before this date. 
  • Artworks must be ready to hang. Works on paper need to be framedBox canvasses are accepted – no need to frame them.  
  • Artworks must be wrapped in bubble wrap on delivery. Clearly marked with your name and the artworks.
  • Each artist must supply their own labels. All labels need to be in the same format and size. We need three copies for the exhibition. 1. Stick at the bac of your Exhibition. 2. One to place below your artwork when it gets exhibited. 3. For the sales clipboard. (So 3 of the same label per artwork)
  • Labels must be supplied along with your delivery of artworks. Please refer to the label format at the bottom of the page. We will not accept any handwritten labels
  • Artworks that will be exhibited are chosen at our discretion and therefore it will not be guaranteed that all your artworks will be exhibited
  • We will require everyone taking part in the exhibition to man the stand on particular days for a few hours throughout the exhibition. These details will be confirmed soon. 
  • Artworks must be for sale
  • During the exhibition, once an artwork is sold, the artwork will be taken directly by the buyer and another artwork will go up in its place
  • We will charge 50% commission on each artwork sold to cover the costs of the exhibition. 
  • PAYOUTS – Adults we will do an EFT. Kids we will give you cash in an envelope.
  • Pricing of artworks is at your own discretion. Please bear in mind that this is a student exhibition and this is an opportunity for you to represent yourself. As such, artworks should not be too expensive. We are happy to assist you with pricing your work comparatively if you are unsure on this matter.
  • This exhibition is not just about selling your artwork, but also about putting yourself out there and having the experience of exhibiting your work with your peers. Don’t be discouraged if your artworks don’t sell. 
  • Each artist must collect unsold artworks on Sunday 29th September after 5pm from Cresta before 6pm 

Should you require invites for people you wish to invite to the opening night event, we will send via WhatsApp and have a Facebook Event. All attendees of the opening night must have a ticket they purchased online via our website.

Label Format: 

  • Label Size: 9cm x 5cm 
  • Text: Black, Font type Arial Name Bold. Title of Artwork Italic. Price Bold.
  • 3 copies of each, per artwork 

Name of Artist (Your name) 

Title of artwork 

Media (oil, watercolour, etc) 


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