10 Reasons why do you need a visual diary.

  1. An effective Brain Dump – structured thoughts – funnel effect, math problem, showing how you got to your solution. 
  2. Develop original ideas that are uniquely you – Beautiful accidents, juxtapose, left brain vs right brain – skills and ideas developed over time, proving you are the artist behind the work 
  3. Allows others to guide, collaborate and explore with you. Lecturer. Delve deeper into the solution. Learn to collaborate. 
  4. An excellent solution to Artist’s block. 
  5. Emotional Download – your story, your view, your experience 
  6. Helps you to find your creative flow –  Art breeds more art – Stagnant water rots. 
  7. Builds a library of aesthetics – Curating your references – Visual Library / Recording – reuse ideas. 
  8. Develop your own visual language – spot a professional artist’s work a mile away. Shepard Fairey.   
  9. It makes you a better artist – Simplicity is the result of complex thinking 
  10. Develops your critiquing skills – develop a critiquing language

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