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Fake the beaming oxide look on air-dry clay: 1 easy method

Air dry clay, oxide finish

Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and today’s lesson is all about how to polish air-dry clay. How do I fake the oxide look on air-dry clay? Once your air-dry clay is completely dry, it’s ready to get a finish. There are various options of how you can finish this. For this project, I’m going to choose to […]

Mixed Media Art project with 5 Pro tips from amazing artist Lillian Gray.

Mixed Media, Afrofuturism

Hi, I’m Lillian Gray, South African fine artist, and today’s lesson is all about mixed media. For today’s project, you’re going to be needing quite a few things, well there’s essential stuff and then there’s nice-to-have stuff. So I’d say the essential stuff is having a proper backing board you don’t want to be too working […]

The 6 final steps to make your penguin sculpture amazing

Hi, I’m artist, Lillian Gray, and today’s lesson is all about how to finish our beautiful Emperor penguin sculpture. Smoothing out and preparing your Penguin sculpture The first step is to finish off this penguin sculpture nicely and smoothly. You don’t want it to look homemade, you want it to look awesome. You can sand down […]

Make a super easy Emperor Penguin sculpture with air-dry clay in only 6 Steps

Hi, I’m artist Lillian Gray and today we are making emperor penguins with air dry-clay. Before you guys proceed with this project, please make sure that you have watched my other video on the basics of working with air dry clay, so that you guys know how to roll a slab, how to wedge your […]

7 Elemente van Kuns: Toon

Toon is een van die 7 elemente van kuns, tesame met lyn, tekstuur, kleur, ruimte, 2-dimensionele vorm en 3-dimensionele vorm.  Wat is toonwaarde? Waarde is bloot die lig en die donker van ‘n prentjie. Jy kan toonwaardes  beter verstaan as  jy dit in ‘n skaal visualiseer. Ek hou daarvan om met ‘n waardeskaal van een […]

7 Elemente van Kuns: Ruimte

7 elemente van kuns

Ruimte is een van die 7 elemente van kuns, tesame met lyn, toon, tekstuur, kleur, 2-dimensionele vorm en 3-dimensionele vorm. Wat is ruimte? Ruimte is die plek waar ‘n kunswerk uitgestal is, die fisiese spasie wat dit opneem. Dit is altyd deel van ‘n kunswerk. Soms, op verskeie maniere.  As mense in ‘n kunswerk na […]