Sketchbook Challenge 4: Become creative with beautiful sea shell dresses and sea shells in space.

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Sea shell adventure

Hi guys, Clara and I are on our way for a sea shell art adventure, and we’re off to Port Elizabeth, the Windy City. But we’re going to be at a stunning beach and I can’t wait to share some creative ideas for another sketchbook challenge from this holiday for you guys to do. We’ve just arrived at Kenton-on-sea. We’re so excited.

Finding some sea shells

So this morning Clara and I went  out to the beach, and we found a lot of shells.  The place we’re staying at also have a lot of shells in the bathroom. So we have decided to use those for this sketchbook challenge. The first thing  I want you to do is, I want you to draw three figures, girls in any position you like.  I’ve done a few here that I can show you.

sketchbook challenge, sea shells, shells, fashion, space
Draw three female figures

You can use a pen or a pencil. It doesn’t  matter, you can draw stick figures. I really  don’t care as long as you guys are drawing. 

Design dresses with the shells

What we’re going to do then is, you’re going  to place the girls down, and design your own dresses, using these shells. You can come up with the most amazing things. You could use one type of shell or combine them all together, any way you like.

Here are some  examples of some of them that I have done.

Sketchbook challenge, sea shells, fashion design
Example of dress design
sea shells, fashion, dresses, sketchbook challenge
Another example of a sea shell dress
sea shells, fashion design, sketchbook challenge
Shells design: Another example
sketchbook challenge, fashion design, sea shells
Different types of shells

Let’s see what Clara has been up to.

sea shells, fashion design,
Clara’s first design
sea shells, fashion design
Clara’s second design

Shells in space!

And now, for some of you that’s not really into the dress thing, I was thinking,  what about space. Shells in space! That is  such a fascinating concept and some of  these crazy rocks really made me think  of meteorites. So off we went into space.

sea shells, space
Shells in space
sea shells, space
sea shells, space

And there you have it. Some incredible beautiful fashion design and some awesome space adventures. I hope you guys have lots of fun and it’s important  to just be creative. If you’re doing a dog, wearing the shell brace, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’ve come up with a great idea that’s uniquely yours. Have fun and please show me what you’ve done and what you’re up to down below in the comments.

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