Develop your creativity: Sketchbook Challenge no 6

creativity, sketchbook challenge, pegs

Hi, I’m Lillian Gray South African fine artist and  today we’re doing another sketchbook challenge. 

Why do we need sketchbook challenges?

 Okay, so just a reminder! Sketchbooks challenges  is not really about craftsmanship. That’s why we  do drawing courses and all those other wonderful  things to really hone your skills. The sketchbook  challenge is all about creativity.

Creativity  is a muscle and just like you have to go to  the gym to strengthen your muscles, you guys  have to practice being creative. You get to be  comfortable with thinking out of the box, not  knowing where you’re going and coming up with  original ideas.

sketchbook challenge, creativity, pegs
Exercise your creativity

What is pareidolia?

Today we’re going to learn about  a very difficult word called pareidolia. This word  is just a way of saying when we see images  in objects that’s not really there. Have you  even looked at your washing machine and maybe  seen a little guy screaming? Or have you ever  looked up at a cloud and saw that it looks like a  crocodile?

creativity, sketchbook challenge, pareidolia
Washing machine looking like a face
sketchbook challenge, creativity, pareidolia
Cloud looking like a crocodile

Or maybe you look at a soda can and it  looks like someone crying. That is our minds  seeing images and objects that’s not really there. It is a great way to be creative.  It’s a great way to spot different things, and really challenge your mind to see things in a different way.

This video is inspired by Victor Nunes. He is a South Palo Alto retired creative  director and he has got a book out called “The  drawing game“. This book really inspired me, and I  really think you guys should play along, and find hidden images in inanimate objects.

What will you need for today’s challenge?

  • sketchbook
  • fine liner
  • a simple Bic pen
  • Sharpie
  • Washing pegs

So for  today’s video you guys will need your sketchbook, a nice fine liner if you’ve got, a simple Bic pen can also work if you guys don’t have fine liners. I also like using a sharpie which  is a great way of drawing, and we’re to stick to one colour. I’m only going to be using black. 

If you guys did do a sketch that you really like, and you want to add colour, you can always do that later. But for now limit yourself to black because this exercise is all about expanding your brain  and your creativity. Another object that we’ll be using today washing pegs, so here I have some washing pegs. I’m sure you guys have various ones  at home, maybe some plastic ones, maybe some coloured ones. I like the wooden look and I’m going to be  using a set of wooden pegs.

Move from obvious ideas and push your creativity

And there you have it, your sketchbook, your wooden pegs and that’s all you need.  When you start it is important to get all obvious ideas out of your head, all the obvious things that come to mind. I’ve stretched this peg open a bit. So the first  thing I’m thinking is crocodile, raptor or  anything was a gaping mouth.

So first  get those ideas out of your head, keep them on the paper and then move on by pushing your creativity  further into the less obvious. Okay guys, so it’s not about just drawing and committing with pen all of a sudden. That is quite challenging and you need to be quite good at drawing to be able to do that.  

creativity, sketchbook challenge, pegs
Sketch out with pencil first

As you can see here, I’ve sketched up my idea  with the pencil first, and then you can always go and commit to your lines with your sharpie or your fine liner. Here I’m going to make a castle, and I’ve sketched out my basic shapes using  the pencil, and now I’m going to use my sharpie.

Okay, there you have it guys the ideas are  endless and I’m hoping to see some awesome creative stuff. I don’t mind a you guys use different inanimate objects than what I did, but  here are some ideas by Victor Nunes and I hope  you guys are inspired and you start creating.

And there you have it. I hope you  guys had lots of fun and came up with super creative ideas. Be sure to  subscribe so that you don’t miss our  next challenge, and please post photos of all your creative ideas and what you have done down in the comments below.

This  is Lillian Gray, South African fine artist. Please go and check out our blog for more art projects.

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